viernes, septiembre 17, 2010

References on Core Values of the Internet

The Internet Governance Forum meeting concluded with a proposal to consider core Internet values as a subject for the meeting of the Forum in 2011, today (Sept. 17, 2010) in Vilnius, Lithuania.

The Forum has been occupied formally with this issue at least since 2009, when Sivasubramanian Muthusamy and others organized a workshop on the subject (the exact list of speakers changed for the actual meeting.) I was privileged to serve in that panel. The depth of exploration of ideas and the exchange of points of view allowed to build trust and understanding among the participants at an unusual level.

Inspired on that session, Prof. Janna Anderson (Elon University) organized a panel in the FutureWeb meeting which I convened and chaired. We were privileged to have Internet pioneers like Scott Bradner, activists like Parry Aftab and Nathaniel James, technical leaders like Bill St Arnaud and Danny Weitzner discuss among themselves and with the audience.

Sivasubrmanian Muthusamy then worked hard to put together a session for the Dyanmic Coalition on Core Internet Values and Dmitri Epstein did the same for a discussion on Core Values of the Internet Across Generations, to include far younger people than before.

This has fed into the proposal that Internet values be the theme for the Internet Governance Forum in 2011.

I have started this blog entry while we create a Wiki or other more appropriate medium. Comments are invited (moderated) to add resources and volunteer for the work.

The Dynamic Coalition will map the debates that branch out from the core values being proposed by different stakeholders. Input welcome.

Previous recent work on core values of the Internet can be found in:

ISOC, the Internet Society:

Workshop in FutureWeb meeting:



CGI Brazil,Comité Gestor or Steering Committee:

Principles for the governance and use of the Internet:

In Portuguese, for reference to legally valid language:

In English:

Further materials will be posted.