domingo, octubre 09, 2005

The way months go by - WSIS Prepcom long past

PrepCom-3 of WSIS now long gone by - more than a week and hundreds of posts all over discussion lists and blogs.

Bottom line: among the complex political coordinates a way must emerge to keep the Internet free and growing. Governments which once fought against the Internet, together with some large telcos, are now all too keen to create frameworks for control.

The Internet community was built from the bottom up and so is also much of present-day Internet Governance. Discussion forums abound, and they only last and go forward if they can provide for progress and resolution. Creating a new one in the UN framework will mean something if it can also make contributions.

The oversight function that many claim to need is far more fuzzy and as such can only be rejected; much dialogue and negotiation, still needing years, are still required to peel the layers of this discussion.