domingo, enero 29, 2006

Internet, redes personales, decisiones personales - Pew

En la Fundación Pew publica un nuevo estudio sobre el uso de Internet. En éste encuentra el valor que ha adquirido Internet en las redes de comunicación entre personas, y en particular, cómo se usa para obtener apoyo al tomar decisiones personales importantes.

Internet Governance Forum coming up

Now on the first efforts to create the Interent Governance Forum derived from WSIS have started. Luckily Markus Kummer is the man in charge!

Among other niceties, the IGF has already online a potential timeline. At least it shows that the possible meeting in Greece is not taking place before June. There are also other potential troubles there - some idea about steering committees, program commitees, boards, etc. seem to be afloat already. We know of those, but don't have transparent, public knowledge about what politics is like in Geneva and surroundings to get them defined and populated.

Certainly Michael Leibrandt's piece on why everything under the Sun should be administrated, performed, subsumed, and enacted by the ITU has already caused some reactions, not the least by Wolfgang Kleinwächter. A bit troublesome perspective given the experience up to now.